A Growing Profession

Motorsport, motor sports or motor racing is a generic term applied to encompass the world’s most popular series of athletic events that primarily involve the usage of powered vehicles, whether using jet boosters or regular cars. The most common and well known forms of motorsport are Formula 1 (F1) racing and NASCAR ( Nationwide Series of Racing), with lesser known ones such as the Gymnastics Association of America (GAIA) and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA). Both these associations are professional sports in their own right and are joined together by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) who recognise the importance of the sport.

Motor sport incorporates a wide range of activities and motor vehicle speeds are often measured in terms of speed, a speed record is continuously monitored and compared with other competitors. Additionally, there are many different classes within motorsport. Professional drivers compete in grand-leagues in countries such as Formula One, while amateur drivers can pursue their dreams by taking part in sprint races or dirt-track driving. Some countries, like Japan for instance, promote amateur participation through championships, while others place greater emphasis on professional and experienced racing. Many countries also utilise machinery in their sporting disciplines, while others use vehicle-based technologies that include fuel-cell technology, electronic suspension and hydro-spray.

Regardless of the type of motorsport pursued, the primary goal remains to see racers finish the race in the fastest possible time. With such high levels of physical exertion, safety is paramount and this has been given increased prominence over the years, especially in Formula One racing. Many Formula One races have been abandoned due to accidents and serious crashes, making it clear that safety should be the number one priority for all motor sports. With the introduction of new safety rules in recent seasons, race day preparations have improved drastically and safety in motor racing is set to become even more challenging in the future. With the variety of motorsport events available across the globe today, there will always be a challenge for those drivers who wish to excel in their craft.