A Simple Definition

Motorsport, motor sports or motor racing is a worldwide popular term used to cover the entire spectrum of motor sports that predominantly involve the use of powered vehicles, whether for road racing or off-road motor sport. There are several hundred categories and subcategories of motor sports, with each discipline having its own distinct characteristics, rules and regulations and place in the motor sport’s hierarchy. The most popular of these is Formula 1, which features several world renowned drivers and teams competing to be the world’s best racing team.

There are several major international motorsport governing bodies, who are responsible for the regulation and development of motorsport throughout the globe. One such organization is the Federation Internationale de l’Auto (FIA), which is the sole authority in the auto-sports sector. The other major authority is the World Motor Sports Organization (WMSO), the governing body for professional motorsport. Both of these organizations are completely responsible for regulating all aspects of motorsport, including motor racing.

There are numerous smaller motorsport disciplines, each with its own specific regulations and requirements, which are enforced by individual nations or regions in their respective countries. Examples of such smaller motorsport disciplines include endurance racing, time-based competitions, sports car driving, off-road driving, sport bike racing, and racing of the unusual category. Motorsport is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world and there are several major motorsport events held across the globe on a regular basis. The most popular of these events include the Formula One championship series, the Le Mans motor race series, the 24 Hours of Daytona, the Monaco Grand Prix race series, as well as the Formula Two championship race.