All-Electronic Formula E Car

Formula E, otherwise known as the ABB Formula E Championship, is an electric vehicle racing championship for electrics. The series was launched in 2021 at the Autosport International Show in Paris, by FIA president Jean Todt. Since then, many other countries have joined the race series including America, China, Korea, and Abu Dhabi.

The race series differs from other motor sports in many ways. Compared to other motorsport events such as Formula 1, Formula E features a more action-packed and fast-paced race due to its all-electric nature. Drivers in the Formulae races wear all-electric racing suits which include rear wings with diffusers and no hard body kits. In the all-electric racing series, drivers use a control system similar to that of a race car to steer and alter the course of the vehicle. The race track consists of a pit area, with pit stops to allow the teams to refuel, as well as an engine rehabilitation center for the drivers.

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