Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Motorsport

Motorsport, motor sports or motor racing is a general term widely used to encompass all the different variety of sporting activities that are conducted by individuals using motor vehicles. Some of the major motorsport events are Formula One Grand Prix, Touring cars event, Superbike race and GP2 race. It can also be used as a generic term to describe any driving activity that combines a car with some form of motor like engine, gearbox, drive train and brakes. Motor sport can refer to any of these activities, but motor racing is by far the most popular and most commonly known version.

While there are many countries and areas around the world where motorsport occurs, perhaps the most famous is Formula One. Formula One is a motor racing competition in which teams of drivers attempt to complete a race from the starting line to the end of the track by using designated fuel and race strategies. These cars are designed and manufactured by some of the most prestigious names in the automobile industry. As well as producing fast race cars, Formula One is also recognized internationally as a motor sports event because all the teams participate in various national and international competitions.

There are many Formula One World Championship races around the globe between teams of nine or more. The most famous of these events is the Formula One World Championship held annually from the beginning of the year until the season ends in June. The championship has featured some of the most famous names in motor racing including Ferrari, Red Bull, BMW and Renault and these teams have all won the Formula one world championship several times.