Formula E – An Event With Great Potential For Financial Gain!

Formula E, formally the ABB Formula E Championship, is an electric motor racing championship for electric vehicles. The first season of the championship was held in Beijing, China, during the summer of 2021. This year, the championship will be held in London, England. This new series, which started last year, has already attracted a number of famous drivers and car manufacturers from around the world to its bandwagon.

Formula E is different in that it features separate classes for different technologies. So far, there are three classes: the entry-level cars based on hybrid power-planted into the engine; the series’ drivers will also be divided into three categories: DPE (Directionally adjustable), drivers with experience who may use high-tech electronics and tools, and the full-season drivers who will race using traditional Formula E machinery. Since it uses electric motors rather than gas ones, there is high possibility for safety in this particular sport.

However, the Formula E race series is not without its own share of problems. One major issue is the speed limit of the races set by Formulae Racing. Because the cars are extremely fast, there is the risk that one might exceed the speed barrier, which results in disqualification and loss of the race. The new qualifying system, called fanboys, hopes to reduce these risks by allowing the slower drivers to upgrade their engines to faster sizes, thus allowing them to race within the limits of the new qualifying format.