Formula E โ€“ What You Should Know About This Sport

Formula E, formally the initials ABB Formula E Races, is an electric car racing series sponsored by the Formula D Racing team. The first season of the series ran from early June to mid-August this year, with the first race in London. The first season brought a record breaking financial participation of more than one million pounds. Formulate has been successful due to its low cost of entry, lower weight, battery technology that gives better power transfer to the wheels of the vehicle and the fact that it uses a combustion engine as opposed to an electric motor. The teams racing in Formula E are ABB, Jaguar, Mercedes, Nissan, Renault, BMW and Ferrari. The series will continue in the first year of the new regulation format.

In the traditional Formula E race, drivers compete in a traditional style, driving round a circuit with bends, chicanes and hairpins. In the Formula E race, drivers change cars throughout the race and the car that are placed at the starting position does not necessarily have to be the winning car. Each driver must start their laps from the outside of the track, to enable them to use the main pit wall for the clutch and brake components. There is no overtaking in Formula E racing, as the teams try to get around the car in the fastest possible time.

Formula E races are normally for three hours, but some races may last longer depending on the circumstances. The races are run on conventional Formula One road courses, but due to the layout of the cars, there are places where there are downhill stretches and steep slopes. For these reasons, Formula E races are usually considered to be faster and more exciting than regular Formula One races.