Motor Sports

Motorsport, motor sports or motocross is a broad term employed to cover the array of widely popular, internationally recognized and highly competitive sports that are conducted in motorized competition. It includes numerous recognized racing championships around the world, but also encompasses numerous off-road and stunt driving events, like dirt bike rallies and supercar rallies. Most countries have multiple levels of motorsport discipline, with one for amateur and professional drivers, a second level for advanced motorbike and motorcycle racers, and a third degree for Formula One and other high profile car racing competitions. In the United States, there are multiple motorsport organizations, including National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and Professional Stock Car Racing (PSR) Professional Motor Sports Association (PSMA). The latter two associations are generally recognized as the governing body for professionally organized road racing competitions.

Motocross, like most motor sports, evolved from the development of dirt racing tracks in the 19th century and has since developed into an incredibly wide-range and talented event that caters to various age groups and abilities. For example, while younger people may enjoy the adrenaline packed, near fatal, crashes, older racers may prefer more calculated, sophisticated racing. Younger participants often participate in the rally and Formula One car racing competitions, while more experienced professionals often participate in endurance and track day racing. There are also large international classifications for motorbikes such as Supercross, Superstock, and Motocross. In addition, the United States has a wide variety of off-road motocross events.

While motorsport is often the most visible and competitive motorsport in a country, it’s important to remember that the history of racing goes far beyond the tracks and speedways. The history of racing includes everything from street courses and dirt tracks to off-road mountain biking and ATV racing. Many of the historic and classic car racing competitions, including the Daytona Beachascar Series and the Lime Rock Series, began in countries with little or no motor-car racing history. Today, with the Internet, people can study up on all kinds of motorsport history and watch races from all over the world. With this wide selection of motorsport events, there is something available to everyone.