The Definition of Sports and Sport Management

Sports are organized physical games and competitions. These satisfy the need for physical exercise, game and competition among human beings. All sports are competitive. This is the main difference between recreational, social recreation or even entertainment. Sports can be individual as well as group games played by individuals either in teams or individually.

The modern day sports have become very popular. Different sports require a variety of skills and athletic ability to play a sport well. It is also essential to select the right kind of sport for you, according to your strength, ability and interest. The popularity of the different sports and the prize money that are offered to winners is what keeps the sports alive. Today there are numerous sports names and the competition is very high and skillful players are highly sought after in this field.

Today there are several different ways to identify the game being played, which are based on various criteria. The commonest criteria that distinguishes the games is the kind of competition, the way it is played and the skill level of the player or team playing. A game is considered to be a sport if it is played by athletes or sportsmen with high skill level who are highly motivated. The definition of a sport can also be affected by the purpose of the game.