Future Formulae Racing Events

Formula E, formally the abbreviated acronym of Formula E Racing, is a popular international motor sport championship which now has its second season. The season two series, running from May to June, already raised ratings to an all-time high with more than six million viewers tuning in to watch the races live or on television. The first season ended with the winning teams in the championship winning a record 21st Formula E race and now this year is looking like it might be even bigger. However, Formula E still faces a few challenges before it can truly challenge for the championship title, especially with new technology and design coming out of the teams every year. This is why I believe Formulae should embrace some radical changes so that it can grow as a motor sport and not remain in the same rut it is in currently.

One thing that could make a huge difference is the design of the cars. Right now in this season the cars are very small, sleek and aerodynamic, which all contributes to a low drag design. However, there have been discussions in Europe about introducing some aerodynamic features to the cars so that the air flow through the body of the car is lessened and therefore, the cars go faster and safer. Something along these lines would help the Formulae championship series to grow and become more exciting and appealing to the fans and viewers.

Another thing that I believe could help Formula E is to introduce some kind of editing system so that the races can be edited. Currently in this season the teams only use their digital camera equipment to film the races and then edit the footage using software programs such as Microsoft Live Look. This is fine however, there is always the temptation when you see your favorite driver in fourth place to tweak his race to gain a better position, rather than fixing what is wrong with his car. Something along these lines would allow race editors to remove parts of the race that may be causing a problem for a certain driver and give him the advantage he needs to win the race. Something like this may not happen in the 2021 series but it would definitely be a good feature to see if some form of editing system was introduced for future Formula E racing events.